The Pre-Trial Intervention Program is a diversion program which is offered to selected offenders as an alternative to prosecution. Participants receive educational and vocational referrals, personal and group counseling, and referrals to other community agencies appropriate to their needs.

The program is designed to meet the needs of certain non-violent offenders in an attempt to deter their future criminal or disorderly behavior; to minimize loss to victims of these crimes through payment of restitution by the offender; to serve the courts by reducing the number of less serious cases, permitting more time for the more serious crimes; and to protect the community by closely supervising the accused following arrest until final disposition of the case.

A prosecutor will review each case to determine if the offense and offender meet the criteria for the program. If so, the offender is invited to participate in the program. A meeting will be scheduled with the program supervisor, and the conditions of the program (i.e. fee, community service, drug testing, restitution, anger management, or other applicable conditions) will be explained to each participant. Upon successful completion of all conditions, including no further criminal conduct during the established supervision period, the criminal charge will be dismissed.